Workshop II

Ein Ausschnitt der Deutschlandkarte (Berlin-Brandenburg und Umgebung)
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URBAN NODE of the Trans-European Transport Network

The implementation of the TEN-T corridors is currently being prepared in studies commissioned by DG MOVE. They are in the process of coordination between the Commission and the Member States leading to concrete corridor work plans by the end of the year. Before, the regions have already been asked to propose additions and changes, in particular with regard to concrete measures to be taken. This possibility has also been used by the capital region, and the capital region successfully introduced, within the framework of the first workshop “URBAN NODE of the Trans-European Transport Network” on 10 October 2014, a regionally coordinated action list into the development process of corridor studies.

At a second workshop, at the Ludwig Erhard Haus of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce on 19 March 2015, structures and work processes for the implementation of transnational relevant measures (as well as conclusions to ensure the development of a European URBAN NODE in concepts, plans and programs) were prepared.

The aim of the workshop II was to organize EU eligible measures for

  • the elimination of infrastructural bottlenecks with cross-border and European implications
  • the introduction of modern transport technologies, e.g. for a more efficient use of energy and the reduction of greenhouse emissions
  • strategies for shifting and multi-modal combination of (freight and passenger) transport to environmentally friendly modes of transport
  • integration of infrastructural measures in urban space
  • achieving regional economic added value
  • the involvement of regional and local stakeholders and users, in an interdisciplinary manner, in strategies, plans and measures and the respective appropriate forms of exchange.


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