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The capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg plays, as a gateway and interface of Western Europe to the economically emerging markets in North, Central and Eastern Europe, a prominent role in the integration of the European community of states. The Berlin-Brandenburg location combines three corridors and thus establishes its position as an URBAN NODE in the trans-European transport network.

Given this central position, regional perspectives, potentials and issues result, which will be developed by European funding opportunities and projects (including Scandria®, Rail Baltica Partnership, INTERREG IV B). An attractive transport infrastructure and offers at an internationally competitive level are formulated objectives of the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Furthermore, the long-term preservation of quality of life and ensuring competitiveness in the region are essential components of the intended projects of European transport and infrastructure policy.

To achieve this, the Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg organized the regional conference URBAN NODE BERLIN-BRANDENBURG TEN-T on 21/22 September 2015 at the Ludwig Erhard Haus of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At this conference, regional, national and European actors from politics, economy and science discussed central questions:
  • How can the URBAN NODE BERLIN-BRANDENBURG be included in the strategic development of the entire core network?
  • What role do the public sector and the private sector play in the development of the capital region as a European transportation hub?
  • How can synergies be identified at an early stage and optimally exploited?
  • Which fields of action and forms of cooperation can be defined for those involved?

An interdisciplinary network is created and connects people, ideas and regions!


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